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Ride the 1880 Train in Keystone

Ride the 1880 Train in Keystone
When you visit Keystone, SD, you get an incredible chance to ride the historical 1880 train that dates back to the 19th century.
The 1880 Train is a 2-hour, 20-mile round trip that runs between Keystone and Hill City. Passengers engage in good old-fashioned fun and view mining encampments and vistas of Harney Peak.
Interestingly, the train takes the original route, i.e., the Quincy, Burlington, and Chicago Railroad, established in the late 1880s to service the mills and mines between Keystone and Hill City. The Black Hills Central Railroad happens to be the oldest continuously operating railroad in the country and operates two diesel and three steam engines throughout the season.
 Let’s learn more about the 1880 train below:
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What to Expect from Your Visit to Bear Country USA?

Planning to visit Rapid City, SD? Don't forget to take your kids to the 8-mile away wonderland, Bear Country USA!
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The 8 Greats - Iconic Landmarks of South Dakota for Your Travel Map!

South Dakota is filled with amazing places to go and things to see.  From east to west, here is a list of the Great 8 Iconic Landmarks that should make it to your South Dakota travel map.
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Are You Dino Crazy? Come to the Black Hills!

Standing atop the highest point in Rapid City, SD, is a giant green sentinel.  Learn more about Rapid City’s favorite Apatosaurus here.
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The Top 4 Mount Rushmore Bus Tours in the Black Hills

Are you looking for the best Mount Rushmore bus tours? Take a look at our top suggestions for Black Hills bus tours near Rapid City, South Dakota.
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4 Reasons Why the Central States Fair & Rodeo are a Must-Visit in Rapid City, SD

The Central States Fair & Rodeo is held every year in Rapid City, SD. Learn more about this event here.
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Why It Is A Good Idea To Visit Rapid City, South Dakota

Book your flights to Rapid City, SD, to see some of the most unique parks, monuments and attractions. Learn more about them here.
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What You Need to Know About the Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup

The Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup is a cultural event that occurs in South Dakota every year. If you are interested, learn more about the event here
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Why You Should Spend the 3rd of July Watching Fireworks at Mount Rushmore

The National Parks Service is collaborating with the State of South Dakota to offer Americans a unique opportunity to celebrate Independence Day. Learn more here.
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Why You Should Stay at the Grand Gateway Hotel in Rapid City, South Dakota

 If you’re looking for the best hotel in Rapid City, South Dakota, then the Grand Gateway Hotel is the perfect choice for you. Our luxury accommodations, coupled with our scenic location and proximity to everything you might want in a South Dakota visit, make it the best vacation destination. You can reserve your room by booking online, or by giving us a call and talking to one of our friendly Front Desk agents at (866) 742-1300. You can expect to get the best rates through direct bookings, so give us a call today.
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​What to Expect at the 2020 Black Hills Powwow

Rapid City's proximity to many sites that are sacred to Native Americans make it the perfect stopping place for the 2020 Black Hills Powwow. Learn more about it here.
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Finding the Best Hotels in Rapid City SD for the Sturgis Rally

Are you looking for the best hotels in Rapid City, SD, for the Sturgis Rally? Look no farther than the Grand Gateway Hotel.
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Crazy Horse Memorial Night Blasts

Click here to know about the Crazy Horse Memorial Night Blasts held in the Black Hills of South Dakota. 
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Attend the Exciting Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo 2021

Click here to find out about the thrilling Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo 2021 event in Rapid City, South Dakota.
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Volksmarch Crazy Horse Memorial Event

Click here to learn about the exciting Volksmarch Crazy Horse Memorial event in 2019.

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The Best Vacation Destination based on your Zodiac Sign

There are many ways to pick your next vacation spot: You could throw a dart at a map, repeat visits to your favorite place — or find a destination where the stars will align! Believe it or not, every astrological sign has its own personality — just like every vacation. Use your zodiac sign to inspire you and pick the most compatible place for you. Whether you're a restless Sagittarius or an exhausted Pisces, we’ve found your next getaway.
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Cheer's Lounge, Best of the Black Hills

Cheer's Lounge is named as one of the Best Bar/Lounge in the Southern Black Hills for 2018.  

1st Buglin Bull Restaurant & Sports Bar (Custer)

2nd Cheers (Rapid City)

3rd The Basement (Rapid City)
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Staying with the Grand Gateway Hotel just got sweeter

Staying with the Grand Gateway Hotel in Rapid City SD just got a little sweeter.  In partnership with the Mount Rushmore Taffy Shop in Keystone (located at the base of Mount Rushmore), the Grand Gateway Hotel has special taffy treats in your room upon arrival. And if you bring your four-legged canine family member with you, upon check-in we have a special treat for them, of course with Mom or Dad's permission. www.grandgatewayhotel.com #grandgatewayhotel #visitrapidcity #hifromsd
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The Grand Gateway Hotel listed as the most beautiful hotel in South Dakota

Architectural Digest names the Grand Gateway Hotel the most beautiful hotel in South Dakota

Surrounded by the picturesque wilderness landscape of Black Hills, this third-generation family-owned boutique hotel is the perfect venue for exploring everything from Mount Rushmore to the Crazy Horse Memorial. The cabin like feel gives each traveler an authentic look into the pride of South Dakota. https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/most-beautiful-hotels-in-america
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