Rapid City, SD Shopping

Would you like the convenience of having a majority of Rapid City's shopping attractions within a few miles of your hotel? And, would you like to be able to choose from 2 movie theaters located less than a mile away? Choose the Grand Gateway and you will be choosing that kind of convenience.

The Grand Gateway Hotel is situated less than 1/4 mile off I-90 at exit 59. There is so much to do within a short drive of our centrally located hotel that many of our guests have said that they wish they could stay longer and plan to come back as soon possible.

The Grand Gateway, situated just 30 minutes from Mt. Rushmore, is surrounded by some of America's oldest National Treasures!

Stroll the streets of these charming Black Hills towns and sample their unique shops, art galleries and restaurants.

Discover the rich history of the Black Hills. With majestic mountain pines lining the edge of the Great Plains, this is a memorable mountain getaway. Five National Parks are nearby and breathtaking drives and abundant wildlife abound in the Hills. The numerous nature trails here often lead to fishing holes, hidden streams, and unmatched opportunities for photography.

The Badlands National Park is considered to have one of the richest deposit of fossils in the United States. Just one hour from our hotel you can embark on a journey to the past that encompasses 28-37 million years of history. Search for fossils and dinosaur bones, while enjoying the parks multicolor landscape. Established in 1939 as a National Monument, it is now a National Park and also contains the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site.

Mount Rushmore National Monument Fun Facts - Do you know that it was named after a prominent lawyer? Do you know that the estimated life of this gigantic carving is 20,000 years? Do you know what the total construction cost of Mount Rushmore was? Only one million dollars. Do you know this monument is just 30 minutes away from the Grand Gateway Hotel?

Crazy Horse Memorial Fun Facts - When finished, this work in progress will be the world's largest sculpture. The head of Crazy Horse is 87 feet tall - which is 27 feet larger than President Washington's likeness on Mt. Rushmore. Korczak Ziółkowski started this sacred memorial and his family is continuing the work today. You can learn a great deal about the project, as well as Native American history and Native American culture at the Crazy Horse Memorial, which is only about eight miles from Mount Rushmore.

Needles Highway: One of the most beautiful (and fun to drive) mountain roads in all of America is located right here in the Black Hills. Needles Highway takes you on a mountain pass road that swings you by Sylvan Lake, where scenes from the movie, National Treasures: Book of Secrets was filmed. The granite spires you will see provide hiking and rock climbing for those adventurous enough to take on the challenge!

Iron Mountain Road: Even well seasoned travelers will enjoy driving down this scenic highway. Two of the three single lane mountain tunnels provide fantastic long-distance views of Mount Rushmore. The Pigtails are a rollercoaster of a ride on this exciting drive. Grand Gateway Hotel is a wonderful place to stay after this breath taking adventure.

Devils Tower: President Roosevelt established it as the first National Monument in the U.S. and it is only 1 hour 45 minutes from the Grand Gateway Hotel. A replica of the tower(made from mashed potatoes) was featured in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. You can read a Native American legend in the visitor's center that provides an exciting tale of how this monument was created. This is also an excellent spot for rock climbers and hikers to enjoy the beauty and solitude of the high plains country.

Custer State Park: Is one of the largest state parks in the United States and it offers beautiful scenic highway driving too. You'll have fun seeing prairie dogs kiss and socialize as they chatter away on sunny afternoons. Also keep your eye out for burros and buffalo. There are very healthy populations of each in the park. Remember to walk the famous battlefield and along French Creek where General Custer first discovered gold in the Black Hills. Keep your eyes open for real modern day cowboys who come in from working ranches throughout the region to help with the annual Buffalo Round-up. Visitors are also given the chance to purchase a Buffalo via a fast paced and exciting auction at the roundup. Lodging in the Black Hills has never been easier when you stay with the Grand Gateway Hotel, just 35 minutes away.

Wild Horse Sanctuary: Come see Mustangs run full speed over 13,000 acres of beautiful high country plains. But, be ready to be surprised. You may feel them coming before you see them coming! Over 450 Mustangs run free in this sanctuary, all donated. Seeing a large herd running together is an awe inspiring glimpse at nature's beauty. We are just an hour away!

Historic Deadwood and The Homestake Mine: Deadwood was home to such famous (and infamous) people as Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Seth Bullock, Potato Creek Johnny, and Poker Alice. The Adams House Museum in Deadwood, SD has done an excellent job of chronicling Deadwood's rough and tumble beginnings and is a “must see” for anyone interested in learning more about the lives of early settlers in the Black Hills. Modern Deadwood, SD features a nice blend of the old and new and is considered a true destination for people who enjoy gambling. The George Mickelson Trail begins in this historic town and winds 114 miles south to Edgemont. It provides a beautiful journey through the hills for trail walkers, joggers, and bicyclists. The Homestake Mine was one of the largest underground mines in the world when it was open. It is currently being developed as a deep underground research center to study neutrinos, but it still offers tours to the public. Grand Gateway Hotel is just 45 minutes away.

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