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What to Expect in Your Buffalo Safari Jeep Tour for Your Visit to Custer State, SD

When you think of safaris, the first thing that might come to your mind is an African safari. However, you do not have to travel to a different continent to experience wildlife in its most authentic state. The Buffalo Safari Jeep Tour offers you an exclusive look into the exceptional variety of wildlife right here in South Dakota!
Initially established as a game reserve in 1913, Custer State Park was constructed to re-introduce wildlife species lost due to excess hunting by past settlers. Today, the 71,000 acres park is a trendy tourist spot and was even listed as the top 10 US safari destination in 2015.
About the Safari Jeep Tour , Only the park’s authorized vehicles are allowed to go off the main road. A guide will drive you through the massive property, providing interesting educational and historical facts about the park and the wildlife in it.
The adventurous drive through the land will feel like a thrilling journey into the heart of nature. As you ride in the open-air jeep, you will come across multiple species, such as pronghorns, bighorn sheep, elk, bison, burros, prairie dogs, and buffalos. At times, you might find yourself right in the middle of a herd. Be sure to take a camera along with you to capture these incredible moments!
The tours are almost 2 hours long, and start from 8 am till 6 pm. They recently introduced a sunrise Buffalo Safari Jeep Tour, which has you back by 8 am. Hence, you can easily carry on with the rest of your planned vacation activities when you visit Custer State, SD. Moreover, the brisk morning air and mesmerizing sunrise create a magical experience. Early morning is also one of the animal’s most active times, increasing your chances of spotting the roaming wildlife.
If you sign up for the Buffalo Safari Jeep Tour as a group of more than 10 people, you can avail the group discount. You can make your reservations by calling the State Game Lodge and booking your time. You will have to check-in at the Creekside Lodge, where your tour guide and jeep will be waiting.
For an additional charge, you can even opt for a post-safari cookout. You can experience the Western culture and feast on steaks, hamburgers, cornbread, cowboy beans, and more. You can also request a vegetarian option to be arranged. Cowboy hat and bandana souvenirs will create an even more immersive Wild West experience.
A thrilling Buffalo Safari Jeep Tour is one of the best vacation activities you can do with your friends or family. The jaw-dropping scenic view of the Black Hills, the mesmerizing blue skies, and the abundant, diverse wildlife will create an unforgettable experience when you visit Custer 

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