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5 Best Things You Can Do at Sylvan Lake When You Visit Hill City, SD

If you are a fan of thrilling sports or simply love being one with nature, these hiking trails will be your perfect pastime. You can easily choose between multiple hiking trails from the lodge.
If you have been wanting to summit the famous Black Elk Peak when you visit Hill City, SD, Sylvan Lake is the ideal starting point as it features the Black Elk Peak trail number nine. Additionally, you also have the option of rock climbing for some thrill and adventure.
Camping Sylvan Lake is surrounded by a forest full of pine and spruce, which offers a great space for camping. Alternatively, you can also set up your camp by the lake if you’re not a fan of the woods. You are not allowed to park large RVs or trailers around the ground, though.
The lake is a midpoint from where you can access the lodge, general store, and many other interesting places. There are also lots of activities to do, such as fishing (although that requires a license) and water activities mentioned below.
Water Activities. The beautiful Sylvan Lake is enough to just stare at all day. However, when you feel you’ve gazed at it long enough, there are several activities to do on the pristine lake waters. You can take a swim in the lake, and cool yourself down while you enjoy the clear water. While motorized boats are not allowed, you can take out paddle boats and canoes, and enjoy some solitary time.
Weddings and Festivities If you are planning your big day or any other celebration and can’t choose the perfect venue, consider Sylvan Lake. It features the beautiful lake and vibrant forests as a magnificent backdrop for your special day. It has all the amenities you will need to host a reception, ceremony or any other event while keeping your guests happy and entertained.
Fine Dining at the Sylvan Lake Lodge after a long day of hiking, canoeing or even reciting your vows, you must be famished. That’s why Sylvan Lake offers fine dining at the Sylvan Lake Lodge with food prepared with fresh and locally sourced ingredients.
With something for everyone, Sylvan Lake is a must-see spot when you visit Hill City, SD. Moreover, with its fantastic lodging and numerous amenities available, you might just end up staying longer.

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