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4 Things to See at the Chapel in the Hills

1.The Grass-Roofed Stabbur, When you arrive at the site, you will meet the venue's guardians at the Stabbur. It's an authentic storehouse with a grass roof, constructed in Norway and assembled on the venue.
This unique building serves as the visitor center and the gift shop. It features literature about the Chapel and its history and ministry.
The gift shop also houses various Scandinavian products, chapel souvenirs, books, local handmade Scandinavian art and craft pieces, such as wood carvings, Hardanger, and rosemaling.

3.The Unique Chapel. The Chapel offers organized tours of the interior and surrounding grounds to tour groups, coach operators, and other organizations. You can get in touch with the chapel office to arrange specific dates.
You can also visit the Chapel with your loved ones and walk through the exterior as you enjoy the intricate details that the woodcarvers used to adorn the Chapel. You can also step inside and sit on the benches as you listen to the sacred building's origin story.
The Chapel also holds worship services every evening at 7:30 pm during the summer months. You can also hold your wedding at the unique venue and its beautiful grounds. The chapel pastors, who are ordained by the ELCA Lutheran clergy, officiate all the venue's weddings.

3.Museum Edward Nielsen, a Norwegian prospector who immigrated to the Back Hills during the gold rush, constructed the museum 1876. It features a wide array of Scandinavian antiques from the 1800s. It also houses many heirlooms that people brought over from Norway.

4.Prayer Walk, visitors can also head into the quiet forest that surrounds the Chapel for a prayer walk. The unique, picturesque, and serene Meditation Trail is a recent addition to the chapel grounds. It's a leisurely path that winds its way into the hillside beyond the Chapel.  It is ideal for prayer, meditation, and reflection.

Hours and Seasons: The Chapel, gift shop, and museum remain open from 8 am till dusk every day from May 1st till September 30th. The grounds are open for a limited time during April and October. If warm weather continues through October, the Chapel and the surrounding buildings might open on specific dates.
When you visit Rapid City, SD, you must explore the Chapel in the Hills for a relaxing, reflective, and memorable experience.

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