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All You Need to Know About the Devils Tower National Monument

Location and Area Referred to as Bear Lodge Butte, The Devils Tower is an iconic butte in the Black Hills' Bear Lodge Ranger District. Its summit is more than 5000 feet above sea level, which means that the top of the tower offers the most beautiful views, making the entire journey there totally worth it.
The tower is so massive that you will only be able to see one side of it at a time. As you go from the entrance to the visitor center and other places in the park, you will get to see the different sides of the monument.
History and Culture The Devils Tower National Monument has a rich history, and many people still consider it sacred. Many ancient groups and people have lived around this tower for hundreds and thousands of years. Over the years, as other people discovered the place, they used it for various purposes, such as a summer gathering spot. As the tower got more famous and recognition, it turned into a national treasure.
It was the first-ever United States' national monument. President Theodore Roosevelt declared it a national monument in September 1906. The main idea behind this was to protect this natural treasure and offer recreational activities for visitors.
Activities at Devils Tower National Monument The Devils Tower National Monument is famous for rock climbing as the butte, with its steep edges and natural structure, offers the best rock-climbing opportunities. However, you have to register and get a permit for it first.
Moreover, besides that, you can engage in other activities as well. If you want more of a thrill, you can opt for hiking at the Devils Tower National Monument.
There are several hiking trails, which are a great way to experience the whole park and monument. The hikes can last for anywhere from 30 minutes to more than three hours. Depending on how skilled you are, you can choose the hiking trail accordingly.
So, whether you are a fan of rock climbing or love to study history and culture, the Devils Tower National Monument offers something for everyone when they visit Spearfish, SD.

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