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4 Reasons to Attend FreedomFest 2021 in Rapid City, SD

FreedomFest 2021 is a unique and intense three-and-a-half-day conference that you can attend when
you visit Rapid City, SD. It features brilliant speakers in the pro-freedom and liberty movement. The
conference, held in Las Vegas since 2007, has finally moved to Rapid City due to restrictive COVID-19
limitations in Las Vegas.

Why Did Freedom Fest Move to Rapid City?

Last year, the organizers had to cancel the conference since Nevada put restrictions on large gatherings
and authorized people to wear masks during the pandemic. The organizers looked for a venue where
they could hold the conference and people could practice social distancing without the mandate of
wearing masks.

FreedomFest Executive Director, Valerie Durham, said that she wanted to move FreedomFest out of Las
Vegas earlier, but the organizers didn’t even think of moving it to South Dakota. However, Governor
Kristi Noem’s stance on not mandating pandemic restrictions compelled Durham to make this exciting
move to Rapid City.

People are already showing interest in the new venue since FreedomFest has already set a record for
early-bird ticket sales. If you’re planning to visit Rapid City, SD, you must attend the FreedomFest,
starting from July 21 st to 24 th , 2021, at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.
Reasons to Attend FreedomFest 2021 in Rapid City, SD
Here are four compelling reasons to attend Freedom Fest 2021 in Rapid City, SD:


1. Partake in Thought-Provoking Debates

FreedomFest is renowned for its thought-provoking debates. The conference leaders believe in
constructive dialogue that presents you with hard facts and allows you to form your opinions. You can
partake in the conference’s annual mock trial. This year, the hot topic is the Pandemic Response – Did
the US approach toward COVID-19 save lives or destroy them? You can also enjoy debates on racism,
decriminalizing sex work, bitcoin vs. gold, drug legalization, the future of liberty, and more.

2. Meet Distinguished Speakers

FreedomFest invites the most brilliant speakers and influencers to celebrate liberty and socialize with
the attendees every year. If you attend the conference, you will be a part of a progressive, egalitarian,
and upbeat gathering of like-minded intellectuals and believers of the liberty movement.
You will hear from illustrious minds, such as Governor Kristi Noem, columnist Cal Thomas, health expert
Dr. Drew Pinsky, Whole Foods founder John Mackey, and more.
The experts will talk about finance, economics, geopolitical agendas, philosophy, sociology, history,
medicine, and more. You can interact with them in Q&A sessions and meet them in the hallways or
breakouts for candid, enlightening conversations.

3. Enjoy the Anthem Film Festival

The Anthem Film Festival is a one-of-a-kind, fully-juried film festival devoted to libertarian values. This
year, the festival will be at the refurbished Elks Theatre in downtown Rapid City. You will get to watch
screenings of about twenty to twenty-five short and full-length narrative films and documentaries that
celebrate freedom.

4. Have an Enjoyable Time

Apart from partaking in the movement to expand liberty, you will get to have a fun time. This year,
FreedomFest has prepared a Saturday Night Farewell banquet. You will also get to explore downtown
Rapid City with exciting parties, receptions, comedy nights, karaoke, and more. Moreover, FreedomFest
2021 will provide official excursions to explore the picturesque Black Hills, historical attractions, such as
the Crazy Horse Memorial and Mount Rushmore, and more.

FreedomFest presents you with the perfect opportunity to strengthen your belief in liberty and
freedom. If you want to converse with and learn from brilliant intellectual minds while enjoying the
striking beauty of the Black Hills, don’t forget to attend FreedomFest when you visit Rapid City, SD.

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