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Finding the Best Hotels in Rapid City SD for the Sturgis Rally

Finding the Best Hotels in Rapid City SD for the Sturgis Rally

Every August, motorcycles roar from all corners of the United States into the heart of the Black Hills.  The Sturgis Bike Rally is one of the biggest yearly highlights in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Popular not only among locals but out-of-towners and even out-of-country visitors, the Sturgis Rally brings folks from far and wide. For any motorcycle enthusiast, this is a rally where they can meet with like-minded people, admire motorbikes, attend concerts, eat some great food, and even help raise money for a charitable cause.

While the number of attendees is notably higher during anniversaries of this event, the annual turnout rate is nothing to scoff at. That’s why it's a good idea to research the best hotels in Rapid City, SD, well before you come.  And since attending this event is a must for anyone looking to see the exciting side of South Dakota, it’s even more important to get your hotel reservations locked in.

A Part of South Dakota’s History

The Sturgis Rally is an important part of South Dakota’s history. The very first rally in 1938 was started by a group of Indian Motorcycle riders, the Jackpine Gypsies.  A small event with a small audience, it was dubbed the “Black Hills Classic” and had only nine participants.
Originally, the focus of the rally was to highlight the Jackpine Gypsies’ racing abilities and stunt prowess.  As the event quickly caught on and picked up steam, it grew exponentially; today, there are motorcycle, food, and tattoo vendors lining every street, and no end of exciting activities, concerts, and races and drives for charity. On average, the Sturgis Rally sports an attendance of around 500,000 people annually; however, the 75th anniversary in 2015 topped 700,000.

In 1998, Clarence “Pappy” Hoel, the Sturgis Rally’s original founder, was inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame, following the Jackpine Gypsies’ induction the previous year. Since 1938, South Dakota’s Sturgis Rally has been held every year without fail except 1942.  World War II was raging at the time, and the rationing of gasoline made it impossible for motorcyclists to make their way across the country.

Comprising 95% of the City of Sturgis’ annual revenue and garnering approximately $800 million yearly for South Dakota, the Sturgis Rally is a vital part of the state’s economic well-being. But it isn’t always just about the dollars; the Sturgis Rally also does good works in conjunction with the local community. Sturgis Rally Charities, supported by the Sturgis Rally, helps to support over 60 local causes.  Rally riders and groups, such as the Christian Motorcyclists Association and the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, consistently work with other charitable causes as well, organizing rides and events during the Rally to raise money that is used for good causes in the community.

Finding the Best Hotels in Rapid City for the Sturgis Rally

If you’re thinking of attending the Sturgis Bike Rally, it is a good idea to look for the best hotels in Rapid City, SD, and make a reservation in advance. Given the large number of attendees who flock to the event, last-minute reservations can be a challenge.
And if you’re looking for a great hotel, pay a visit to the Grand Gateway Hotel. The hotel comes chock full of amenities, including an indoor swimming pool, exemplary housekeeping services, pet-friendly rooms for travelers who can’t leave home without Fido, and plenty of motorcycle parking! With special discounts for VIP customers, loyalty programs, and more, you can expect to be treated to a relaxing stay and South Dakota’s famed customer service.

For our guests, the best part is the Grand Gateway Hotel is centrally located in Rapid City, and is right off the interstate on the way to Sturgis. This ensures that when the Sturgis Rally occurs, you will be in the heart of the action and never miss out on any of the events that are part of experiencing the Sturgis Rally.

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