Statement of Apology

Apology from the Board of Directors and Owners of

Retsel Corporation, Connie Uhre, and Nicholas Uhre Regarding the Grand Gateway Hotel and the Cheers Sports Lounge and Casino

We extend our sincere apology to all for the statements made by Connie Uhre on March 19-20, 2022, regarding Native Americans. Ms. Uhre's comments were not consistent with the values or policies of our company or our businesses, the Grand Gateway Hotel and Cheers Sports Lounge. We deeply regret the pain or harm Ms. Uhre's statements have caused within our Native American community. We want to make clear that we welcome all Native Americans to the Grand Gateway Hotel and Cheers Sports Lounge.

In acknowledging that Ms. Uhre's comments were wrong, we also want to acknowledge the remarkable Native American families who live and work within our community. We treasure our many relationships with Tribal members over the years. And we know, based on those relationships, that the Native American community is made up of hardworking individuals who are dedicated to their families and their culture. We are privileged and fortunate to have many friends, employees, and neighbors who are Tribal members. The values of inclusivity, respect, and unity are shared, and we wish to assure our patrons that our businesses are committed to these values.

We have a deep history and relationship with the tribes and their members for over 45 years, and we look forward to continuing that relationship far into the future.

Chad Uhre, Director, and Owner
Josh Uhre, Director, and Owner
Judd Uhre, Owner
Leslie Sherry, Director, and Owner
Nicholas Uhre, Director, Owner, and Manager
Connie Uhre, Former President, former Director, former Owner

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