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Pet Friendly Hotel SD

Are you planning a trip to the Rapid City area but are looking for a place that will welcome you and your pooch? Look no further, The Grand Gateway, one of the premier hotels in Rapid City, SD is also your best choice for a pet-friendly hotel in Rapid City, SD!

Our Family is Ready to Welcome Your Whole Family

As we have been operating as a family-run hotel in Rapid City, SD for over three generations (and counting), we truly understand the importance of family togetherness. Moreover, we know that for many people that family includes their four-legged furry friend (or friends) as well. We realize that it's hard to enjoy a vacation when you know that an essential (furry) member of your family is missing out on all the fun. That's why we are committed to extending the warmest possible welcome to you, your human family and your four-legged traveling companion.

We Are More Than A Pet-Friendly Hotel; We're a Pet Loving Hotel

For years it has been our mission to provide every guest who chooses The Grand Gateway with the best possible experience throughout the duration of their stay, from check-in to check-out. Moreover, that commitment now extends to your furry friends.

Upon check-in, our staff will provide your pooch with their very own extra special welcome treat, dog bowls and pee pads for your convenience. Our rooms are spacious and welcoming but entirely safe for your pooch to roam. There is a large onsite dog park that offers a safe, fun space for you and your dog to walk and play and we can assure you that no other hotel in Black Hills of South Dakota will welcome your furry friend quite as much as we will. So, if you are looking for Rapid City pet-friendly hotels and lodging, look no further and book your stay at The Grand Gateway Hotel.

Worried about rules, restriction, and fees? We have a few, but they are very straightforward. We do charge a $50 non-refundable pet policy, but that covers up to two dogs (or pets) under 20lbs in weight. And we do ask that your furry friend is never left alone in the room, but with so much for you all to do in and around The Grand Gateway Hotel, we are sure you would never want to anyway! By the way, the fee covers your entire stay too, so that's another thing taken care of even before you arrive.

The Grand Gateway Guide to a Dog-Friendly BlackHills, SD Getaway

Wondering what you and your furry friend can do once you arrive and settle into your pet-friendly lodgings at The Grand Gateway Hotel? No doubt you already know that the Rapid City/Black Hills area is one of the best destinations for human travelers in the United States, but it's great for dogs too. Here are just a few suggested excursions that we are pretty certain you and your whole family - including your dog - will love.

Reptile Gardens

Located just five miles south of Rapid City Reptile Gardens is the largest, and most exciting, reptile park in the US. It's even in The Guinness Book of World Records, under World's Largest Reptile Park. And, as long as they are on a leash (and you clean up after them), your pooch is as welcome to visit as you are!

The gardens feature gorgeous landscaping that you and your dog will enjoy strolling through, and you can get up close - although maybe not too close - with all kinds of reptiles, from big crocs and alligators to friendly tortoises and turtles to the smallest of snakes.

Dinosaur Park

Reptiles of a rather different kind can be found at Dinosaur Park. The park, which has been open to the public since 1936, is filled with life-sized statues of some very majestic (and even slightly scary) prehistoric beasts and, once again, provided they are on a leash, and you are willing to clean up after them, your furry friend is as welcome to spend a few hours admiring - and learning all about - these gone but never forgotten creatures as you are.

Bear Country USA

If your dog enjoys car rides with its family - and many do - then he or she is welcome to accompany you on a safari-style tour of Bear Country USA, a wildlife park that allows visitors to drive their vehicles across acres of terrain that is home to a wide variety of wildlife including bears, elk, reindeer, buffalo and more.

Petrified Forest of Black Hills

A strange series of geological events that occurred thousands of years ago created this fascinating petrified forest that has been enthralling visitors for decades. A stroll through these odd, but very beautiful, woods is a great way for you and your furry friend to spend an afternoon.

These are just a few of the things we can suggest for you and your dog to enjoy during your stay with us. Many of the beautiful local parklands also offer dog trails and dog parks and we are very fortunate that there are even a number of great local restaurants that would be happy your dog as well. Just ask us about them when you check in, our great staff will be more than happy to point you in the right direction!

So now that you know where to find the best pet-friendly hotel in Rapid City, SD, and have some great ideas for things to do what are you waiting for? Book your stay at The Grand Gateway Hotel now.

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