Summer Nights; Flannel

Home grown from the Black Hills of South Dakota, Flannel is a Pop/Rock/Funk Cover Band. They play a wide range of 90’s hits and nothing is off the table. With a focus on the pop side of the 90’s and dash of the rock grunge, you’ll soon be humming along. The 90’s era had some of the most amazing music and Flannel tests your ears to see if you can recognize their covers of Britney Spears and Will Smith. With Flannel you’ll experience happy go lucky sing-a-longs ranging from Weezer to TLC, gritty grunge covers of Third Eye Blind, wild R&B rap mashups, and popular Boy Band hits. It’s a 90’s Party! Get out your slap bracelets and platform shoes! Flannel’s gonna make you jump, jump, jump.
Location is 7th St; Downtown Rapid City

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